Motivation In Bodybuilding: Really Indispensable?

If you are having fun typing these few words “bodybuilding + motivation” in the bar of your search engine, you will for sure stumble on content to no longer know what to do: articles filled with various tips to help you find the Motivation, more or less bizarre videos supposed to give you fishing, not forgetting the indispensable lists of quotes and inspiring proverbs that invoke, in bulk, Confucius or Seneca.

In short, we find everything and anything, it goes in every way, so we can legitimately wonder if this is all very serious.

Motivated, motivated…

For me, the answer is clear: No! I’ll go even further: if you need this kind of artifice to motivate you and go do your session, frankly, save yourself a little sweat and drop it right away. I’m not even joking when I say this: because if it is not now, it is in 3 months that you will release , or in 6 months (because you will not progress as fast as expected) or at the first shot of slack (because you will not feel “at 100%”).

You’re probably going to say that bodybuilding is hard, it’s hard, and you need to feel like you’re going. That’s your right. But in this case, let me tell you that I have serious doubts about your practice in the long run and that it would probably be necessary to change something in your sessions in order to take even a minimum of pleasure.

And above all, I will point out that difficult and not motivating activities, you are probably full in your everyday life – randomly: shopping, cleaning… And yet, do you need to watch a video of a guy trying to pass the mop on Hans Zimmer to accompany you? I hope for you that no, if not, your neighbors and those who live with you must find you bizarre!

But then, motivation is really useful?

Not really, because the trick is that you are not doing your shopping or cleaning because you are motivated. And you don’t do it either because you have any case not only. You are also doing it because you have made a habit of it, simply. And it’s the same with bodybuilding. If you want to last, and practice for years, or even your whole life, rely on something as volatile as motivation is the last thing to do. And when you have lost this motivation, it is not by putting music in your ears or chaining videos of YouTubers that it will come back durable. This will allow you to scrape 1 or 2 sessions, but little more. And you will inevitably end up giving up.

In fact, motivation, there is hardly a moment when it is really useful, at the very beginning. When you are still reluctant to start, or just start. Physically, it is difficult, and you know it will not happen in a few weeks. And then there is the look of others, in the room and outside… This is where your motivation is going to be important because it is the one that will make you take the first step, the most important.

And in my opinion, the vast majority of practitioners who abandon bodybuilding after a few months make two big mistakes: they think that this motivation of the beginning will remain intact over the duration; And most importantly, they think it will be enough to make them want to train.