Sauna Or Hammam, What To Choose After The Session?

In your gym, there’s probably a guy who spends all his time in a sauna or a hammam when he barely sweated. Well, maybe he’s right.

Sauna or Hammam, that to choose?

For the followers who train completely, a fast session of hammam or sauna activates the blood circulation, which can limit joint pains and reduce the time of recovery. What of these baths of heat is the most useful? “They are both him”, answers Kyle Goerl, sports medicine physician at the University of Kansas, because the studies highlighted sustainable effects in both cases: muscular recovery, relief of joint pains and decrease of the stress. “We noticed that these benefactions are obtained with diverse forms of recovery by the bath of heat, worth knowing traditional sauna, sauna with infrared, hammam and spa”.

According to a study appeared in 2013 in the Newspaper of Clinical Medicine Research, the application of wet or dry heat directly on quad restocks after fifteen minutes of squats had reduced significantly the symptoms of deferred aches. A Finnish study realized in 2018 showed that thirty minutes of sauna softened blood vessels and caused a rise of the heart rhythm equal to the one that leads a moderate training. “Some prefer dry heat of the sauna, others wet heat and others else associate with their practice dumping in the cold water”, specifies Goerl. “If we are healthy and we appreciate such or such mode of heat treatment, you should not go without it. It will not certainly hurt and it will be maybe even a useful component in the training of a sportsman.”


  • Wet heat

  • Heat produced by a steam generator

  • Completely tiled room

  • 43 in 45 degrees

  • 100 % of humidity


  • Heat dries

  • Wood stove or electric and volcanic stones

  • Quite wooden room

  • 71 in 93 degrees

  • 5 in 30 % of humidity