Abs as Ronaldo

Club your 6 – pack from all angles to have the same abs as Cristiano Ronaldo

Portuguese, which recently qualified the Real Madrid for half finale of the Champions’ League, had confided us during its shooting for our cover its secrets of abs. The player of the Real Madrid of 33 years may say that he does not make crunch 1 0crunchy, he does not content himself with simple round trips on the ground with a castor with abs. Do not imagine either that you will manage to have the tablet of the master by aligning some small series of crunch here and there, even if you observe finally a healthy diet. To have a chocolate bar really sharpened as Ronaldo, it is necessary to impose on the abs of the exercise which are going to request them according to three axes: of front behind, from right to left and in a rotation. Discover our battery of dedicated exercises which will not miss burning these muscles up to the last fibers.

The session abs of Ronaldo
Three times a week at the most, enclose your session by the following trisets (1, 2 and 3). Never redo the same triset in the week, but alternate them. Add or delete 1 in 2 series according to your capacities.

Triset 1

1 – Crunch in the high pulley
Series: 3-5; reps: 12-15 

On the knees, being turned around in the pulley, hold the rope both hands, on both sides head. Roll up the bust and bring elbows towards the belly.

2 – Statement of legs in suspension 
Series: 3-5; reps: 12-15

Hang on to the horizontal bar and let hang legs upright. Without balance nor oscillation, go up the tense legs as high as possible.

3 – Statement of legs with pendulum
Series: 3-5; reps: 12-15

Lengthen on the back, the tense arms laterally. Go up legs to the set square of the body. Make a side swing of the pendulum by lowering the joined legs until they made an angle of 45 ° with the ground. Always keep control of the movement.

Triset 2

1 – Raised bust-leg with swiss ball 
Series: 3-5; reps: 12-15 

Lengthen on the ground, the tense arms upright and the legs in the continuation of the body. Feet squeeze the ball of a gym. Unstick the bust and the legs of the ground to train one “V” àlafindumouvement. Affect the swiss ball, then get down again slowly the top and the bottom of the body and begin again.

2 – Board with opposition arm-leg 
Series: 3-5; reps: 12-15 

Put yourselves in a position of the board. Tighten slowly an arm and the leg brought into conflict until the complete extension of both members. Return the leg and the arm to the ground, then invert the extension.

3 – Developed pallof
Series: 3-5; reps: 12-15

Position yourself in a profile of the pulley with your feet apart from the shoulder width. Bring the handle to the abdomen, then push it forward, preventing the body from rotating towards the counterweights.Stay in isometric contraction for 5 seconds before bringing the handle back to you.

Triset 3

1 – Knee-chest bending on a bench
Series: 3-5; reps: 12-15

Sit on the bench and tighten the medicine ball with your feet. Stretch legs horizontally and extend the bust so that the body is straight.Hold the bench for stability. Wrap the bust forward and bring the knees to the chest.

2 – Abs Roulette
Series: 3-5; reps: 12-15

Kneel on a gym mat, the ab wheel held with both hands. Roll it forward with the bust well coated. Move the pelvis forward as the arms stretch further. Back to abs force.

3 – Sideboard with arm-leg elevation
Series: 3-5; reps: 12-15

Place yourself in the sideboard position, pressing on one hand and on the inside of the foot. Stretch your arm and leg to form an “X”. Stay in isometric contraction for 2 to 3 seconds at each rep.