Train In Music Frees Substances Painkiller

To listen to some music during a physical effort would free substances painkiller. An excellent way of exceeding your limits, unnoticed …

Adrenalin, endorphins, dopamine
It is the result of the study which concludes that to listen to some music during the effort frees substances painkiller in the cortex. The music would also be an excellent source of motivation but also a way to prop up well its rhythm. You can find playlists quite made on Deezer, SoundCloud or Spotify.

” The music can make spatter the positive aspects of the humor as the vigor and the excitement and in return lower aspects negative as tension and fatigue “. He created in particular playlists to the participating American athletes in the JO(OLYMPICS) of London. ” By listening to some music, we feel less the effort and we improve his endurance “.

In a recognized newspaper a neurologist specialized in the reception of the music by the encephalon explains that a melody comes to caress the brain, in particular, the zone of the pleasure and the reward, the same which is sensitive to drugs. The zone of the pleasure it is the one who tempts us to make something, thanks to a neuromodulator that she secret, the dopamine, he explains. The more the piece pleases, the more there is of secretion. The music is also going to cause the secretion of endorphin, some endogenous morphine. Thanks to it, she can act on the pain, pursues the neurologist. Another chemical reaction of the brain caused by lively notes, tonic music is going to accelerate the heart, to wake us with the adrenalin.