10 Food To Be Eaten Before The Training

Eat before the training

You have to imagine your body as a racing car, let us say, Lamborghini. Well if you want that your body continues to work as Lamborghini, and not as Twingo, you have to supply him with the energy, what means choosing the good food to be eaten before the training.

Think of it: a sports car will run as much with some cheap oil as with some recommended oil, but not however for a long time nor as well. Worse, ” do you hope to reach your destination with an empty oil tank? “, asks Jordan Mazur, coordinator in nutrition and dietitian in the 49ers of San Francisco.

Even if the cardio with high intensity was always an effective method at the people who hope to lose weight, ” to attack your session of training ready and full of energy will maximize the work which you make when you train “, explains Mazur.

Before a session of training, focus on food rich in carbohydrates, at the moderate and low rates of proteins in fats and in fibers. ” Fats and fibers slow down the digestion and can cause gastrointestinal disorders during your sessions of training, asserts Mazur. Carbohydrates are your main source of energy for your activity and for your brain.

Moreover, the more your meal is consequent and the more you will take time to digest him so that it is not difficult to digest for you “.
Here are 10 meals and a snack to eat before the training which will open the way to sports results, which you trained for the fitness gym or outdoor.

1. Natural Greek yogurt with red berries and of the granola

” Red berries and granola offer carbohydrates which quickly digest to give you of the energy during your sessions of training. The Greek yogurt, him, supplies a good quantity of proteins to avoid muscular degradation “. Opt for the granola which contains walnuts, seeds and healthy carbohydrates (as the oat, the amaranth, the quinoa and/or the millet).

Look for sources of carbohydrates sweetened as the coconut oil, the dried figs and/or the vanilla. Your consumption of sugar must be average. Similar to the yogurt: confine yourselves to some natural yogurt rather than to fruits.