Dumbbell Training Circuit

Get your dumbbells out! It is not enough to have thighs to ensure by mountain bike. Arms, back, and joints are also requested

Chain the exercises without counting the movements, but holding 45 seconds for each. Do 1-minute break and repeat 2 to 3 times. Start with a dumbbell of 6-7 kg. Increase the weight as you progress, but without overloading: you must be able to chain the movements without pausing.

1 – woodchopper exercise with dumbbell

Standing, arms almost stiff and feet slightly less spread than the width of the shoulders, hold a dumbbell above the right. Bend the knees and rotate the bust down the dumbbell at the bottom left. When your hands pass your ankle, go back to the starting position. Try again on the other side.

2-Squat Arms

Feet a little more apart than the width of the shoulders, take a dumbbell with two hands through the ends and hold it, arms outstretched in front of you. At the same time, try squeezing the two ends of the dumbbell against each other and go down to the squat position, the thighs parallel to the ground. Hold the break and pull up.

3-The Gift

Feet apart from the shoulder width, hold a two-handed dumbbell through the ends against your torso. At the same time, try squeezing the ends against each other and push the dumbbell away in front of you (at eye level). Hold the break, then bring the dumbbell back to you by tightening the shoulder blades.

4-Dumbbell and towel

Attach a towel to the center of the dumbbell. Hold one end in each hand. Standing, feet apart from the shoulder width, knees slightly bent and straight back, lower the torso until it is parallel to the ground, then pull the towel on either side of your pecs. Hold before going down.